I forgot how much I loved to create. I made Taste of Luxe as a very quick basic setup with a basic Shopify template. I was never fully happy with it, but could never find the time to tidy it up and make it look a lot more professional.

There's so much to consider when you start up a little business - one of the things I struggle with is time (and I'm easily distracted) so to have hubs take our wee one out for a few hours meant I could dedicate a big chunk of time to revamping this site and making it more professional looking - with beautiful pictures and even a blog! (That you're now reading).

So here it is - our revised Taste of Luxe site. I hope you find it easier to navigate, and if you spot anything broken please let me know. (I spotted our Laybuy breakdowns have vanished so I'll touch base with the team on Monday to get that fixed - don't worry though, it's still available at checkout!).



Talk soon,


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