You know, I love technology - I love mucking around in the back ends of websites, like some 80s hacker (who often maybe breaks things so maybe I shouldn't do that), I love learning new things, and I love recreating things. While our old website was fine and functional, it needed some love and attention and a good old fashioned tidy up. Hence, new year! New website refresh!

Encouraged by a good friend I wandered around websites looking at templates and functionality, and thought about how I'd like to grow Taste of Luxe in the future, while also giving it a bit of a glow up. Over the last two weeks (if you've visited) you might of noticed some things didn't quite work as they should, or at all - but I think today I can finally say IT'S FINISHED.

Well mostly, I still have some ideas on some customisable things I want to do - oh and I also need to look at loading up some more products, plan out some social media posts and blogs and also... wait - is this what they meany by a women's work is never done?

So welcome if you haven't visited us before, and welcome back if you have. If you spot anything that is broken or that doesn't work as it should, drop us a message (and we might even send a reward).


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